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Press Release

SquareRoot was founded with the goal of providing porting services from
the most diverse engines to Unity, making life easier for developers,
publishers and game companies around the world.
Game market is already bigger than the movie and music markets combined.
The team has experienced professionals, most with years of experience in
game development and publishing.
The company’s CEO says: “Our focus today is on bringing the best
Construct engine games to Unity engine”. You can now take your project
to other platforms like Xbox One, PS4, PS5, iOS, Android and Nintendo
Look the image of the game Trio Adventures developing in Construct
ported to Unity software
Arthur  Alk, one of the founders of startup SquareRoot, says he wants to
help indie developers bring their games to various platforms, devices
and consoles: “Our idea came up with the great need detected. We want to
make game developers’ dreams come true.”
You can send your project right now (, we
will evaluate the price to do your work.