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Automotive Navigation Systems Market 2025: Top Key Players Mitsubishi Electronics, Panasonic


Automotive Navigation Systems Market 2025: Top Key Players Mitsubishi Electronics, Panasonic

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Automotive navigation systems is a satellite navigation system which is installed in automobiles. Automotive navigation systems uses GPS navigation devices to obtain position data to locate the users on road in the units map database. With the help of road data base, the unit gives instructions to other locations along the road.   The enhancement in automotive navigation systems technology have given growth to a number of gadgets and devices. APAC Automotive navigation systems is witnessing a rapid growth in adoption of such devices. For instance, the Indian automobile industry has been witnessing growth over few decades. Owing to the growing competition in the Indian Automotive navigation systems market, competitors are equipped with latest technological invention. In India the first automobile navigation system was launched by SatNav Technologies followed by MapyIndia and Blaupunkt. One of the recent innovation was by Blaupunkt. Their GPS device is called TravelPoint. It is a portable device available in various models. All the models provide direction based on a combination of verbal and visual communication.

Penetration of automobile MEMS sensor is one of the emerging applications and are being used in electronic control unit, and tire pressure monitoring systems in automotive navigation systems market. Owing to the increasing security concerns in vehicle across the globe, the demand for automotive MEMS sensors are surging. The major market for MEMS sensors are in European and American countries.

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Automotive navigation systems Market Segmentation

Automotive navigation systems market can be segmented by vehicle types into:

  • Entry-level passenger vehicle
  • Mid-premium passenger vehicle
  • Luxury passenger vehicle
  • Commercial vehicle

On the basis of navigation system automotive navigation systems market can be further segmented into:

  • Aftermarket IVS
  • Factory fitted IVS
  • Personal navigation device (PND’s)
  • Smartphones/Tablets

Almost 81% of the PND’s sold in 2015 automotive navigation systems market had integrated cellular connectivity. Europe Automotive navigation systems market is one of the major markets in PND’s. However, North America Automotive navigation systems market is gaining traction and the shipments have increased in the region. Automotive navigation systems markets such as Europe and North America where the penetration rates are already high, PND as a device category is facing increasing competition from handset-based navigation services and availability of low cost in-dash car navigation systems. However new services and features in automotive navigation systems are becoming more important as an increasing share of PND sales come from replacement devices for existing PND users.

Automotive navigation systems Market Dynamics and Restrains

The integration of smartphones with IVS (in-vehicle systems) is one of the primary reason for the growth in automotive navigation systems market. In the recent years, adoption of smartphone have increased and this is expected to surge the demand for smartphone/tablet based navigation devices. Increased consumer demand for wireless connectivity and mobile internet with high level of penetration of smartphones and tablets will place connected cars first in demand. This is expected to drive the supply side vendors in automotive industry to adjust to new digital lifestyle and to integrate in-care internet connectivity solutions hence rising demand of automotive navigation systems.

Technological advancements are also driving market for automotive navigation systems market. For instances, the devices with integration of traffic data with navigation systems is one such innovation. These newer systems give precise driving directions and receive and display information on traffic congestion and suggest alternative routes to the users. Either TMC, which delivers coded traffic information using RDS is used or GPRS/3Gdata transmitted via mobile phones.

The other functions and integrations in the devices are expected to enhance the sales for automotive navigation systems. For instance, the color LCD screens on few automobiles navigation systems can also be used as television broadcasts or DVD movies. Few of the systems can also be integrated with mobile phones for hands free talking and SMS messaging using Bluetooth and Wifi. Nowadays Automotive navigations systems includes personal management for meetings and can be combined with traffic and public transport information system.

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Automotive navigation systems Market Players

The Automotive navigation systems Market is fragmented and competitive, with large number of players operating at the regional and local level. Some of the players in the market includes,

  • Alpine Electronics
  • Pioneer
  • TomTom
  • Garmin
  • Apple
  • BMW
  • Ford
  • Fujitso Ten
  • Kenwood
  • Mitsubishi Electronics
  • Panasonic