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Hosted PBX Market Comprehensive Business Study and Key Player Insights By 2025


Hosted PBX Market Comprehensive Business Study and Key Player Insights By 2025

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Global Hosted PBX Market: Overview

Communication constitutes a prominent chunk of aspects that business enterprises have to deal with on a daily basis. Some of the key features of a phone’s system such as voice calling, voicemail, conferences, faxing, and automated greetings can be efficiently handled by the growing concept of hosted private branch exchange (PBX). During the forecast period of 2017 to 2025, the demand in the global hosted PBX market is primed to expand at a notable CAGR. This prosperity is primarily a reflection of advantages that hosted PBX offers to an enterprise such as elimination of installation and costs pertaining to operations and maintenance.

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The report on the global hosted PBX market offers an executive overview of how the demand for hosted PBX has evolved in the recent few years and what potential it has to further proliferate. To gauge how the market is unfolding, the report provides in-depth assessments of dynamics such as drivers, trends, challenges, and opportunities, before diving into various segments of the market. This chapter is particularly important as far as identification of most lucrative aspects of the market are concerned.

Along the similar lines, the report has thrown light on how much demand can be expected out of various important regions and countries such as Germany and the U.K. in Europe, China and India in Asia Pacific, and the U.S. in North America. Another key feature of the report is its section on vendor competitive landscape, wherein a number of prominent players have been profiled for the products range, regional presence, and recent strategic decisions.

Global Hosted PBX Market: Trends and Opportunities

The sheer benefits that are offered by hosted PBX market are the drivers of the market for the same. While the requirement of large investment for installation and maintenance is overcome via hosted PBX, it also eliminates the office boundaries, enabling employees to work from remote locations. This factor is primarily a boon for salespeople and homeworkers who are invariably on the move and need a set up to connect with the office in a feasible, efficient, and instantaneous manner.

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In addition to that, the global hosted PBX market is gaining traction from the fact that is can boost-up the image of a corporate enterprise, making a strong impression among their client base via professional communication systems. Scalability and ease of usage are some of the other factors driving adoption of hosted PBX and driving the market for it. On the other hand, vulnerability to cyber-attacks is hampering the growth trajectory of the market.

Global Hosted PBX Market: Market Potential

The advent of cloud and related services are adding whole new dimension to the global hosted PBX market. A number of enterprises with large pool of employees have been resorting to cloud based services to streamline their processes. In addition to that, with strong government support for IT enabled infrastructure, the market for hosted PBX is expected to find new opportunities.

Global Hosted PBX Market: Regional Analysis

While the developed countries of the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, and Germany are keeping North America and Europe are the two most important regions for the vendors operating in the global hosted PBX market, emerging economies of China, India, and Japan are expected to turn Asia Pacific into a highly profitable region over the course of forecast period.

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Global Hosted PBX Market: Competitive Landscape

Jive Canada, 3CX, RingCentral, Inc,, Inc, Digium, Inc, Megapath, Mitel Networks Corporation, XO Communications, LLC,, Inc, TelePacific Communications, Bullseye Telecom, and ShoreTel Inc. are some of the prominent players operating in this market.