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Europe Automotive Radar Market Insights 2019: Emphasis on Radar Range (Short Range Radar and Mid-Range Radar (SandMRR), Long Range Radar (LRR)), Applications till 2024


Europe Automotive Radar Market Insights 2019: Emphasis on Radar Range (Short Range Radar and Mid-Range Radar (SandMRR), Long Range Radar (LRR)), Applications till 2024

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Europe Automotive Radar Market Research Report Forecast from 2019 to 2024

Europe is recognized as the birth place of motor cars. Car production in the European region is not a new concept, with the automotive industry being one of the oldest sources of exports and employment. Europe’s strong foothold in the industry is mainly attributed to the presence of considerable number of automotive OEM’s in the region, which is escalating the overall demand for automotive related technologies, including automotive radar system in the European countries. The region has witnessed high demands for premium car compared to other segment vehicles, which is increasing the demand and adoption of ADAS and radar system in the region. Moreover, mandate legislation imposed by the European commission and rating awarded by Euro New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) is further considered to be influencing the growth of the market. In addition, especially for radar, European Commission has mandated a “permanent” band at 79 GHz and is required to be made available in all EU member states, which is regarded as the foundation for the future development of the automotive radar market. However, factors such as high vehicle manufacturing cost and ban on use of radar detectors in some of the European countries are hampering the market.

Automotive radar market of Europe is segmented based on the range of the radar, which includes short and medium range radar (S&MRR) and long range radar (LRR). The short-range radar (SRR) system primarily operates at the 2X GHz frequency band and requires a large bandwidth ranging from 3-5 GHz. The Long-range radar (LRR) operates at 77-81 GHz frequency band and showcase the promising future in automotive radar market. In 2017, S&MRR segment dominated over LRR however LRR is anticipated to be the fastest growing market with a CAGR of 20.0% during the forecast period (2018-2024).

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Based on different application areas, the market is categorized as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Intelligent Parking System (IPS), Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Collision Mitigation System (CMS) and others. Among these application areas, adaptive cruise control is expected to be the largest market during the forecast period. On the other hand, the autonomous emergency braking application is anticipated to be the fastest growing application during the forecast period. Adaptive Cruise control is a luxury feature that allows vehicles cruise control system to adapt the vehicles speed to the traffic environment. The system can increase or decrease the car’s speed to maintain a safer distance.

Some of the major players profiled in the report include Continental AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, Denso Corporation, Aptiv Plc, Infineon Technologies Inc., NXP Semiconductors NV, Valeo SA, Analog Devices Inc., Hella KGaA Hueck & Co and Texas Instruments Inc. These players are entering into several competitive strategies (partnerships, merger-acquisitions, joint venture, new product launch, business expansion and others) with each other or other supplier or automotive OEMs to strengthen their position in the market.

The luxury vehicles segment is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 19.8% during the forecast period. A country level segmentation for Europe automotive radar market is also incorporated in the study. The segment includes the major countries such as Germany, France, the U.K, Spain, Russia, Italy and rest of Europe. Germany dominated the market in 2017 and was valued at $105.75 million, followed by the U.K and France. The presence of major automotive OEMS, component manufacturers and favorable regulatory environment are some of the major factors attributed to the Germany’s dominance in European automotive radar market.

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To analyze the growth potential of the automotive radar industry the report is further analyzed based on different geographies and countries including North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico and rest of North America), Europe (Germany, France, U.K., Russia, Italy, Spain and rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and rest of Asia-Pacific), Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile and rest of Latin America) and Middle East and Africa ( UAE, KSA, Algeria, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar and rest of MENA). In 2016, North America was the largest market in value terms, owing to the stringent safety regulations in the region. Increased awareness towards safety features has also fueled the demand in the region. The European region is estimated to be the largest market for automotive radar during the forecast period. Substantial build up in this market is mainly due to the adoption of advanced technologies and stringent vehicle safety regulation.

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Europe Automotive Radar Market Report (Status and Outlook) 2019
1 Market Introduction
2 Legal & Regulatory Framework
3 Research Methodology Or Assumption
4 Industry Performance
5 Executive Summary
6 Market Overview
7 Market Insights By Deployment Type
8 Public Cloud Insights By Services
9 Private Cloud Insights By Services
10 Market Insights By End User Industry
11 Market Insights By Country
12 Competitive Scenario
13 Company Profiles           

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