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Bakers Yeast Glycan Market to Witness Soaring Growth During 2018-2026


Bakers Yeast Glycan Market to Witness Soaring Growth During 2018-2026

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Baker’s Yeast Glycan Market: Market Outlook

Baker’s yeast glycan is the common term for strains of yeast and also an essential element in various bakery products. This is commonly used as a fermenting agent for baking foods, where it transforms fermentable sugars existing in the dough into ethanol and carbon dioxide. The baker’s yeast glycan market is highly concentrated, with top five companies holding market share of more than 75% of the global dry yeast market. While dry yeast is exported at long distance and frequently sold in the emerging countries, industrial consumers often choose to supply fresh yeast from domestic facilities, with a single wholesaler having up to ninety percent of the liquid yeast market in the UK. In USA companies like AB Vista, Lesaffre Group, DSM, AB Mauri and GB Plange produced hundreds of thousands of metric tons of yeast on a year basis.

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Baker’s Yeast Glycan Market: Increasing in number of nuclear family would support the demand for said market

Increase in number of working women coupled with rise in consumption of bread as a staple food are spurring the demand for Baker’s Yeast Glycan market. Moreover, growth in number of nuclear families in semi urban & urban areas along with shifting food consumption habits & pattern of people, will drive the demand of Bakery industry and in turn the growth of Baker’s Yeast Glycan market

Baker’s Yeast Glycan Market: Trend

Consumers are gradually adapting the gourmet segment. Product offerings like, dinner rolls, croissants, pizza bases, sourdoughs, etc. popular in western consumers are now finding strong takers in the Indian market. Moreover, nowadays consumers have become more health conscious and inclined towards baked goods which are packaged and branded. Vitamin enriched multigrain bread, white sandwich bread, multi-fibre bread are also fast emerging as some of the preferred products among customers. Additionally, manufacturers are introducing more wellness and health variants of baked goods to cater to the health-conscious consumers. Additionally, some manufacturers are also introducing varieties such as croissants and doughnuts which are available either in high-end retail stores or in consumer food service.

Baker’s Yeast Glycan Market: Opportunities

Over the past few centuries yeast extracts have become significant components in fermentation media and as well as in savoury flavours. The evolution of baker’s yeast market is directly related to the increasing trend of fast food and processed food consumption, particularly bakery items. The Asian and European regions produced 50 Mn tons of bakery products, valued at hundred billion, over the year. As per the developing global trend, India and China are presently two of the most opportunistic markets for Baker’s Yeast Glycan, as its demand is constantly increasing with the growth in population of Bakery products.

Baker’s Yeast Glycan market in emerging countries is moving new highs with increasing demand for processed foods and a constant growth in bakery products production, compensating for the steady growth averaging 2% to 3% in developed countries, where the market is saturated. Also, Middle East and North America countries are estimated to be growing at significant CAGR over the forecast period.

Baker’s Yeast Glycan Market: Segmentation

On the basis of end use, the Baker’s Yeast Glycan market can be segmented into:

  • Bread Baker’s Yeast Glycan
  • Danish Baker’s Yeast Glycan
  • Pastries Baker’s Yeast Glycan
  • Brioche Baker’s Yeast Glycan
  • Croissants Baker’s Yeast Glycan

On the basis of form, the Baker’s Yeast Glycan market can be segmented into:

  • Baking Powder Baker’s Yeast Glycan
  • Baking Soda Baker’s Yeast Glycan

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Baker’s Yeast Glycan Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants/vendors identified in the Baker’s Yeast Glycan market across the globe are: AB Mauri, Lesaffre, Dalian Xinghe Yeast, Lallemand, Pakmaya, Leiber, Alltech, National Enzyme, DCL Yeast, Algist Bruggeman, Kothari Fermentation, Kerry Group, and Biochem, Angel Yeast, Guangdong Atech Biotechnology Guangxi Forise Yeast, Heilongjiang Jiuding Yeast, Shandong Bio Sunkeen