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Advanced Turbine Blade Design: a blade in the turbine decides its efficiency to generate power | 2025


Advanced Turbine Blade Design: a blade in the turbine decides its efficiency to generate power | 2025

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Design of a blade in the turbine decides its efficiency to generate power. Turbine blade is a component of any turbine which is mainly used for extracting the power from the fluid flow and converting it into the useful work. There are mainly four types of turbine which requires turbine blades, these are Wind turbine, Gas turbine, Water turbine & steam turbine. The blade design specifications for all these types are different since the blades within these types of turbines faces different conditions, as each one of them uses different  fluid flow for power generation. However high strength, high stiffness, high fatigue resistance &less weight are the common design expectation for turbine blades.  Blades may be considered to be the core of any turbine and all other member exist for the sake of the blades. Without blade there would be no power and the smallest fault in blade would mean a reduction in efficiency and costly repairs.

The wind turbine market has seen advancements in terms of its blades design. The wind turbine bladesare available in flat shaped, Curved (Aerofoil) shaped, Helical or spiral shaped. The most common types of wind turbine blades are Aerofoil shaped blades. The efficiency of the wind turbine is dependent upon the lift force generated by these aerofoil blades. Recent advancement in the manufacturing of aerofoil blades in terms of its metallurgy, has made them lightweight & stiffer. In gas turbines the blades are subjected to high temperature, high pressure thus they are nowadays manufactured by using superalloys. In case of water turbine, the chief designing factor is its corrosion resistance and high weld ability.

Application of the advanced turbine blades design are in direct link with the use of the type of turbine itself. Turbines in general have the basic application in power generation. Gas turbine finds its use not only for large scale power generation but also for mechanical drive purpose, auxiliary power generator& in pumping systems. Wind, water & steam turbines are largely restricted to power generation only.

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The major driver for this advanced blade design market is the increased demand of energy. The energy demand has increased due to rise in population especially in Asia Pacific region. As the turbines work on both fuels renewable and conventional, the expectation of efficiency from this turbine is high. As natural gas is becoming significant alternative to conventional oil & coal, use of gas turbine for power generation is rising mainly in North America, Asia Pacific & in European region. On the other hand due to awareness of environmental impact of the fossil fuels for power generation there has been a significant shift towards renewable energy, thus wind turbines are being used widely specially in Asia Pacific and European region.

The following list of players includes manufacturer of gas, wind, water & steam turbine blades combined, they are Siemens, Stork, Varsun Technologies, Kemrock Industries, TPI Composites Inc., Litostroj, BFL, Turbocam International, C*blade, Wiromet, Triveni Turbines, Sandvik, PBS Velka Bites,