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Allulose Market Global Market Opportunity Assessment Study 2017 – 2025


Allulose Market Global Market Opportunity Assessment Study 2017 – 2025

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Allulose is a simple. It is absorbed by the body, but not metabolized thus it is totally or nearly calorie-free. Thus it is used as natural sweetener. It is also found in various fruits and grains. Allulose was initially identified from wheat. Also been found in few fruits including figs, raisins, and jackfruit, etc. However, it is naturally found in small quantities in variety of sweet foods such as maple syrup and brown sugar.

As allulose is law calories market demand from free or low calories food product market is higher. Allulose tastes and acts like, but it contains only a few amount of calories and no adverse side effects of it. Allulose market demand is expected to boost over the forecast period.

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Global allulose market is segmented on the basis of its various application in various industries such as bakery, confectionary, dairy food and therapeutic food such as diabetic or weight management food. Increasing number of health issues associated with consumption of simple high calorie sugar, growing obesity rate, diabetic patients etc. are major factors causing consumers shift towards low calorie sweeteners. Thus food industries have started use of allulose as a sweetener in various food products such as bakery, confectionary, dairy food and therapeutic food etc. The growing demand from various application is expected to drive higher allluose market growth over the forecast period. Amongst all application market segments therapeutic food segments is expected to grow at higher CAGR, attributed to increasing number of diabetic patients as well as increasing popularity of weight management therapeutic food.

Allulose market is further segmented on the basis of regions as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Japan, and the Middle East and Africa. Currently North America accounts for major value and volume market share consumption of allulose. However Europe is another major regional market expected to grow rapidly. Asia Pacific is another market expected to grow at higher CAGR over the forecast period.

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Various health issues associated with consumption of high calorie sugar as well as uncertainty about safety of synthetic sweeteners available in market are the major factors attracting consumers towards allulose as healthy sugary choice, and fueling market demand globally. Increasing awareness about allulose and its various benefits over other simple sugars are other factors expected to drive market demand for allulose over the forecast period. Obesity is climbing at an alarming rate globally, and has created a need to change a strategy to turn allulose trend around and boosting the market growth. Versatile properties of allulose such as it is versatile sweetener i.e. act and taste like sugar but very low calorie, no impact on blood sugar when consumed, allulose does not cause gastrointestinal issues etc. are other major factors fueling market demand for allulose. Increasing number of health conscious consumers are always seeking natural products, as allulose occurs naturally becoming popular as natural sweetener and manufacturers are continuously launching allulose products in global marketplace. Allulose shows a lot of potential as a tool to for consumers to reduce excess calories and sugar in sweetened food and beverages.

Various manufacturers are launching new products with allulose sugar, for instance Quest Nutrition launched its nutritional bar with allulose sugar, thus low calorie all natural nutritional option.