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Micromachined Flow Sensors Market – The Growing Advancements as well as Rising Popularity of The Machined Flow Sensors


Micromachined Flow Sensors Market – The Growing Advancements as well as Rising Popularity of The Machined Flow Sensors

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Micromachining technology refers to the fabrication of 3D and 2D structures on the micro sensors scale for structural applications including load, vibration and acoustics characterization and monitoring. Micromachining is preferred method of production of sensors owing to the lower power consumption and efficient operation associated with the sensors. Micromachined flow sensors are characterized by low power consumption, high sensitivity and fast response. The use of micromachined flow sensors for the application of flow measurement seems promising. Micromachined sensors have diverse applications such as gas monitoring, fluid flow including flow cytometer, gas chromatography, viscosity measurement, and among others.

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The design of the micromachined flow sensors consist of an actuator and thermistors embedded in three different membranes. Owing to its symmetrical arrangement, the sensor is characterized by bidirectional characteristics. Micromachining technology is amenable to creating micro heaters and thermal sensors with no moving parts required, thus simplifying fabrication and operational design requirements. The thermal flow sensors enable ease of use with different modes of operation.

Additionally, these sensors can also detect the thermal properties of the fluids such as thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity with appropriate configurations. There have been significant investments in the research and development for the commercialization of the machined flow sensors. The field of measurement and sensing is gaining prominence especially in the developing economies. It can also be observed that the micro fabrication technology has greatly matured and its use has proliferated in many disciplines. Additionally, the key players providing flow meters are working towards the introduction of innovative products with advanced capabilities in the market.

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There are various advantages associated with the micromachined flow sensors which consists of lower power consumption, higher accuracy and low cost. These advantages will lead to an increase in their adoption by various end use industries for specific applications. The bolstering automotive industry and well thriving oil& gas industry is also expected to assist the market growth of machined flow sensors market. Furthermore, the growing advancements as well as rising popularity of the machined flow sensors and their potential applications in the chemical as well as water treatment plants is expected to drive the micromachined flow sensors market growth northwards. However, the complexity associated with the making of machined flow sensors is expected to hinder the micromachined flow sensors market growth. Nevertheless, the development of advanced flow sensors is expected to present significant growth opportunities for the micromachined flow sensors market.

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