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Redispersible Polymer Powder Market: Top 10 Companies, Trends, Growth Factors, Global Industry Overlook During Forecast Period


Redispersible Polymer Powder Market: Top 10 Companies, Trends, Growth Factors, Global Industry Overlook During Forecast Period

Press Release

Market Analysis:

The global redispersible polymer powder market is touted to touch USD 2,378.2 million at 6.66% CAGR over the assessment period (2017-2023). Redispersible polymer powder is a polymer emulsion that is converted through various processes such as surface treatment, spray drying and high pressures and temperature to powdered thermoplastic resin materials. It is mostly used in construction chemical applications namely cementitious sealing slurries, grouts, repair mortars, plasters, self-leveling flooring compounds, screed, tile and construction adhesives and external thermal insulation composite systems. Some of its key applications include cement renders, repair mortars, gypsum joint fillers, adhesion mortars, crack fillers, cement-based tile adhesives, wallpaper adhesives and cement-based wall putties. Redispersible polymer powder offers an array of benefits namely excellent hydrophobic and water-repellent properties, improves the flexural strength, adhesion, plasticity, improves the workability, excellent impact and slip resistance and reduce cracks resulting from shrinkage.

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There are plentiful factors that is boosting the growth of the redispersible polymer powder market. These factors as per the Market Research Future (MRFR) report include increasing need in residential and commercial constructions as well as maintenance projects, rising per capita income especially in emerging economies, growing use in the flooring and tiles industry and its multiple benefits in the construction sector including abrasion resistance, strong impact, flexibility, higher flexural strength, strong strength development of mortar, improved workability and better water retention. On the contrary, availability of alternatives may deter the growth of the redispersible polymer powder market over the assessment period.

Global Key Players:

  • Synthomer Plc
  • Benson Polymers Limited
  • Hexion Inc
  • Ashland Global Holding
  • Wacker Chemie AG
  • Puyang Yintai Industrial
  • Organic Kimya
  • Divnova Specialities
  • Dairen Chemical Corporation
  • Akzo Nobel N.V.
  • Bosson Union Tech
  • The Dow Chemicals Company
  • Acquos

March 2019- Nouryon has introduced Elotex HD2040, a redispersible polymer powder that will assist people producing dry-mix mortars especially for the construction market to cater to the most recent sustainability and quality requirements. Its impact and water resistance will enable customers in meeting technical test standards that in turn will contribute to enhanced sustainability and durability of residential and commercial buildings.

Market Segmentation:

MRFR report offers an extensive segmental analysis of the Redispersible Polymer Powder Market on the basis of type, end-use industry and application.

Based on type, it is segmented into vinyl acetate-ethylene redispersible polymer powder, verova redispersible polymer powder, styrene butadiene redispersible polymer powder, acrylic redispersible polymer powder and others. Of these, acrylic redispersible polymer powder will have the largest share in the market owing to its wide utilization in the production of tile adhesives, grouts and joint fillers. This will be followed by vinyl acetate-ethylene redispersible polymer that is predicted to have the highest growth.

Based on application, the redispersible polymer powder market is segmented into insulation systems, mortars, plastering, tiling and flooring and others. Of these, tiling and flooring will dominate the market over the assessment period owing to its wide use in tiling adhesives. This will be followed by tiling adhesives that is expected to grow at the fastest rate.

Based on end-use industry, it is segmented into non-residential construction, industrial construction and residential construction.

Regional Analysis:

By region, the Redispersible Polymer Powder Market covers growth opportunities and latest trends across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and Africa. Of these, APAC will have a mammoth share in the market owing to the presence of fast emerging markets having high construction activities including industrial, residential and nonresidential. Increasing foreign investments has also propelled the growth of the market in this region. Asia Pacific has grabbed the attention of many market players who are boosting investments there in order to cater to the burgeoning demand in the region along with leveraging the accessibility of reduced overhead costs. Here the largest contributor is China followed by Japan. In Europe, the redispersible polymer powder market will have the second major share over the assessment period. Italy and Germany are the key contributors here while Poland is predicted to expand at the highest CAGR. The growth of the market here is due to the growing need and inclination towards the creation of green buildings. Besides, the construction industry here is recovering rapidly which is again a noteworthy factor that is influencing the increasing demand.

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