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The Global Optical Metrology market report 2018 


The Global Optical Metrology market report 2018 

Press Release

Optical metrology market has been expected to grow and reach $2945.3 million by the year 2023, buoyed by the growing need for the precise measuring tools as well as equipment for the inspection in the semiconductor industry, the rise in demand for the inspection of defects and cracks in the underground pipes in oil as well as the gas industry and the increasing application of the optical metrology in the manufacturing as well as health care industries. Regarding the product, the optical metrology market has been segmented into the optical or laser scanners, the video measuring machines as well as the micrometry. 

Optical or laser scanners product category held the largest share of over 70% in the year 2017. When it comes to the adoption, the laser/optical scanners have been preferred over traditional coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), mainly as a result of the high speed, scalability, portability, and comparable accuracy. Paying attention to the industry, market has been segmented into mainly automotive, the consumer electronics, aerospace, defense, medical and many others. Others include the energy and utility, oil and gas, food as well as beverage, construction, and education. Of all these, the automotive industry has the highest share in market accounting for 39% of the shares in the year 2017. 

This has mainly been attributed to the growing automotive industry in countries such as US, China, Germany as well as the increasing demand for the optical metrology equipment specifically for the inspection as well as measurement of the manufactured parts for the automobiles. China has grown to become the world largest vehicle market with an annual vehicle production estimated to be 30% of the total vehicles produced globally in the year 2016. APAC has been expected to witness the fastest CAGR during forecast period with China likely to lead the pack during the same time. Growth can be linked to the rising demand for the optical metrology equipment for the surface inspection as well as the measurement of the automotive parts, supported by the increasing manufacture of vehicles in China as well as the initiatives for launch of the electric vehicles in country, 

With the growing industry in the world, demand for first article inspections, the acceptance testing as well as the benchmark testing increasing in the industry. Tools, assemblies, and molds are used to be able to manufacture precision parts that need accurate as well as defect free. Therefore, they do need laser scanners and the comparators for the measurements of the dimensions.