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The Global small satellite market: The Global Industry analysis and the opportunity assessment


The Global small satellite market: The Global Industry analysis and the opportunity assessment

Press Release

The Global small satellite market has been experiencing a more advanced growth rate over the past few years as a result of the increasing demand of the satellite applications in the defense and military, commercial as well as the government end users. With the high rate of growth of the Global small satellite market, there is a new range of programs which is being ferried out to develop the latest small satellites. The growing demand of the small satellite market for the satellite applications, such as the earth monitoring, the remote monitoring, and communication is a major factor which is driving the growth of the global small satellite market.

Also, the continuous advancements in the electronic satellite equipment, i.e., for instance, the 3D printed circuitry { electronic } for the global small satellite market, have been expected to be able to boost the growth of the market during the forecast period, between the year 2018 to the year 2023. North America has been known to dominate global small satellite market in the year 2017 with the United States getting most significant in terms of the market share globally. However, the Asia-Pacific have been expected to have a very high growth rate during the forecast period between 2018 to the year 2023.

The global small satellite market report offers more information about the market segmentation, the leading manufacturers, applications, regions, and types. The small satellite market report gets to share market capacity, consumption, production, and sales as well as revenue. Small satellite market report offers major statistics on the state of the industry as well as being a valuable source of the guidance and the direction for the companies and individuals interested in small satellite market. The small satellite market gets to cover an insight into the competitive analysis, the geographical regions as well as the suppliers of the small satellite.

Competitor Analysis

The global satellite covers vision of the competitor analysis by the product types, the market share, revenue, and the application as well as sales. Some of the key players include:

  • Airbus Defense and Space
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Surrey Satellite Technology
  • Geooptics, Harris Corporation
  • Thales Alenia Space
  • Space Exploration Technologies
  • Sierra Nevada Corporation

Airbus has been selected by European Space Agency to be among the four suppliers for the DIAS, Copernicus Data, and the Information Access Service. The DIAS is going to make the data as well as information available to the users. This is majorly through the cloud computing architecture hence enabling enhanced coordination as well as the cross-fertilization at the regin of European Union and among other initiatives at the member state or even the regional level.

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