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Automotive Flanges Market 2028: Top Eminent Key Players Qontrol Devices, Inc., Saini Flange (p) ltd.


Automotive Flanges Market 2028: Top Eminent Key Players Qontrol Devices, Inc., Saini Flange (p) ltd.

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Automotive Flanges Market: Introduction

An automotive flange is an assembly primarily used for connecting, valves, pipes, pumps & other equipment to the piping system & auxiliaries. In the piping systems, automotive flanges are welded or screwed together. In the system flanged joined are composed of two automotive flanges joined or bolted together with the gasket in between which provide efficient sealing. Automotive flanges provides easy cleaning operation and also enables ease in inspection or modification during the maintenance process, thus reducing the overall maintenance cost & also reducing the downtime or maintenance time. In the commercial marketplace, there are numerous types of material used for the fabrication of automotive flanges such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluiminium, alloys, cast iron & composites among others. Out of these carbon steel is a choice of material for automotive flanges. It’s kind of a thumb rule in the automotive industry that the material of the automotive flange, is selected during the selection of the pipe assembly. In most of the cases the material of automotive flange & pipe assembly remains the same. In the market place there are numerous designs of automotive flanges available such as welding neck, slip-on, flat, blind & threaded among others. These design are fabricated in such a way so that they can fulfill the requisites of particular targeted application. Moreover, the automotive flanges manufacturers are keen to fabricate flanges of different dimensions tailor-made according to the end user need. These automotive flanges needs to be passed some standards before getting placed in the market such as ASME standards (US) , European Dimensions EN / DIN to name a few.

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Automotive Flanges Market: Market Dynamics 

Automotive flanges market is expected to grow momentum in the near future and projected to create huge revenue sales over the forecast period. Enabling ease in cleaning operation along with dropping down the maintenance cost are the key factors implicit behind the growing sales of automotive flanges. Moreover, expansion of automotive industry, primarily due to escalating demand for new passenger cars, is likely to generate strong demand for automotive flanges over the forecast period. In the quest of decreasing the overall mass of the vehicle, major manufacturers are implementing new fabrication techniques and using novel material to fabricate the light weight automotive flanges. The demand of light weight composite automotive flanges is growing with an exponential rate. However, automotive flanges with pathetic quality and fabricated through cheap material are getting penetrated in the market, thus restraining the growth of conventional automotive flanges.

On the basis of Raw Material, the Automotive Flanges Market can be segmented as:

  • Stainless steel automotive flanges
  • Carbon Steel automotive flanges
  • Aluminium automotive flanges
  • Bronze automotive flanges
  • Copper automotive flanges
  • Nickel Alloys automotive flanges
  • Composites automotive flanges

On the basis of Type, the Automotive Flanges Market can be segmented as:

  • Welding Neck automotive flange
  • Threaded automotive flange
  • Blind automotive flange
  • Flat automotive flange
  • Slip on automotive flange

On the basis of Sales Channel, the Automotive Flanges Market can be segmented as:

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • OES (Original Equipment Supplier)
  • IAM (Individual Automotive Manufacturer) 

On the basis of Application, the Automotive Flanges Market can be segmented as:

  • Exhaust System
  • Air compressor
  • Drivetrain
  • Pump
  • Engine components
  • Other

Automotive Flanges Market: Region Wise Trends

With an upsurge in automotive vehicle production in APAC region, especially in China, India & ASEAN countries, the demand of the automotive flanges is likely to gain the substantial growth in the above-said Countries. Also, collective efforts from these APAC countries in order to propagate the overall sales of the passenger vehicle is anticipated to flourish the automotive flanges market. NA is expected to endure the leading region for the penetration of automotive flanges as key automakers have the presence of their production units within the region. Western Europe is also capturing the significant share in the automotive flanges sales as the EU5 nations are totally involved in intensifying their automotive vehicle fleets. Evolving regions, such as LA, MEA and EE are prospective to perceive healthy growth in automotive flanges market as an outcome of the shift of parts manufacturing units to these regions.

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Examples of some of the market participants in the Global Automotive Flanges Market identified across the value chain include:

  • SSI Technologies, Inc.
  • Tomken Plastic Technologies
  • Signal Metal Industries
  • Clampco Products, Inc.
  • S & H Rubber, Inc.
  • Simtech Process Systems
  • Qontrol Devices, Inc.
  • Saini Flange (p) ltd.