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Heater Blower Market 2025: Top Key Players Alexandra Elektro AC; HP; & Co.


Heater Blower Market 2025: Top Key Players Alexandra Elektro AC; HP; & Co.

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Heater blower are important parts of the automotive. Blower Motor regulates the airflow to the AC unit or inside the vehicle in order to maintain the temperature of the passenger compartment of the vehicle. A blower motor is responsible for distributing both hot and cool air, depending on the climate or manual/automatic temperature control in an automotive. Blower motor deliver an effective and economical means for generating continuous or intermittent airflow. The blower motors are used for cooling, ventilation, aeration to drying and conveying materials. A heater blower is also a blower which is used to transfer heated air to passenger compartment. Usually a heater blower can transmit both hot and cold air whichever is required. The heater blower consists of a motor, a fan, AC/DC unit, air filter, outer covering, a motor resistor and other parts. The blower motor resistor is used to reduce the fan speed. A Blower is attached to an AC Pipes and AC Hose which transmit the air to Air conditioning unit. In order to supply hot air, a heater blower pass the air flow to the heater core which causes the air to heat up. Also, if cold air needs to be supplied, the air is passed through the Air conditioning unit instead of the heater core. Heater Blower market is expected to witness an escalating demand globally due to increasing automotive market and vast usage among all varieties of automotive.

Heater Blower Motor / Heater Blower: Market Dynamics

Heater Blower market is mainly driven by the increasing demand in of automotive globally. Blower Motor and Heater Blower in a vehicle are prone to wear, tear and damage which also boost the demand. Heater Blower will witness a rise in the demand because of its use in cars, SUV, Sedan, TUV, XUV and other types of automotive. High-quality polymer products are getting traction in the market especially in luxury vehicle segment.  Factor that fuels up the growth of the heater blower market is that the affordable price due to cheap production cost. A heater blower unit is used for both heating and cooling purpose making it a multitasking unit for every automobile which has a heating unit. Heater blower market is expected to grow during the forecast period due to its versatile uses.

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However, heater blower comes along with many restraints. Due to constant heating and cooling, as well as with a moisture present in the air, some parts of the blower can corrode. The resistor sometimes doesn’t function which causes the blower motor fan to work in High-speed but not at low speeds. In some vehicles, if the resistor fails, the fan may also stop working entirely. The blower motor can also have a mechanical problem. It can also stop working when a foreign object jams the blower motor fan blade and prevents it from free spinning which can increase the flow of current through the resistor and causes it to overheat and fail. Some of the major reasons which restrict the proper functionality of a blower are the blower motor resistor failure, fan relay failure, and climate control switch failure.

Heater blower market have an opportunity in high-quality materials which can give better strength and can save from wear and tear during operation.

Heater blower: Market Segmentation

Heater blower market can be segmented on the basis of types, which include:

  • Automotive Blower Motor and Heating Blower
    • Top Horizontal Discharge
    • Down-blast Discharge
    • Horizontal Discharge
    • Up-blast Discharge

Heater Blower market can be segmented on the basis of type of blade design, which include:

  • Forward-Curved
  • Backward-Inclined
  • Backward-Curved
  • Radial
  • Airfoil

Heater Blower market can be segmented on the basis of types of raw material, which include:

  • Blower Motor
    • Iron
    • Copper
    • Others
  • Blower fan
    • PE
    • Metal
    • Others
  • Blower Outer Covering
    • PE
    • Others

Heater Blower market can be segmented on the basis of types of applications, which include:

  • OEM
    • Passenger Cars
      • Sedan
      • SUV
      • TUV
      • XUV
      • Convertibles
      • Coupes
      • Others
    • Light Commercial vehicles
      • Mini Vans
      • Wagons
      • Others
    • Buses and Coaches
    • Heavy trucks
  • Aftermarket 

Heater Blower: Segment Outlook

Heater Blower market can be segmented on the types which include Top horizontal discharge, down-blast discharge, horizontal discharge and up-blast discharge. Heater Blower market can be segmented on the basis of blade design which include forward-curved, backward-inclined, backward-curved, radial and airfoil. Heater Blower market can be segmented on basis of types of raw material which include Blower Motor (Iron, Copper and Others), Blower fan (PE, Metal and Others) and Blower Outer Covering (PE and Others). Heater Blower market can also be segmented on basis of types of Automotive which include OEM [Passenger Cars (Sedan, SUV, TUV, XUV, Convertibles, Coupes and Others), Light Commercial vehicles (Mini Vans, Wagons and Others), Buses and Coaches and Heavy trucks] and Aftermarket.

Heater Blower: Regional Outlook

Regional coverage for Heater Blower market includes North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ), Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Japan. Heater Blower market witnesses a high demand in APEJ because of the high investments in the region. A large number of manufacturing units are based in South Asian countries like China, Taiwan, South Korea and India. Heater Blower market is expected to grow significantly in APEJ region as investors are still opening new production facilities in the region.

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Heater Blower: Market Players              

The market players in Heater Blower market are Auto 7 Inc., Motor Craft, ACDelco, A.P.A. Industries Inc., Crown Automotive Sales Co. Inc., Alexandra Elektro AC; HP; & Co., Hangzhou BeGEE Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Everco, Continental Automotive GmbH and many more.